Park 11 Park Hill Premium – Affirmation for the trend

Ngày 04 tháng 02 năm 2016

On December 19th 2015, at Melia hotel on 44B Ly Thuong Kiet street, Dat Xanh Mien Bac, the exclusive distributor of Park 11 Park Hill Premium Smart Home, launched the sale of these apartments with many valuable gifts on offer.

  • Every customer buying a two-bedroom apartment will be presented a Vinpro package worth 20 million VND.
  • Every customer buying a three-bedroom apartment will be presented a Vinpro package worth 30 million VND.
  • Every customer buying a four-bedroom apartment will be presented a Vinpro package worth 40 million VND.

phối cảnh park 11 park hill

Park Hill Premium is the last luxury apartment complex at Times City, with a total area of 25,063m2. It is a 34-storey tower and includes two basements and 32 floors with a total of 640 apartments. Furthermore it is equipped with Smart Home – the first European standard of smart apartments in Hanoi with four-star utilities only for residents and the modern Shop-house system following Singaporean models.

Various kinds of apartments with reasonable prices:

  • Two-bedroom apartment: 68.1m2- 79.4m2. Prices from 2.4 billion – 3.2 billion VND.
  • Three-bedroom apartment: 116.6 m2- 122.3m2. Prices from 4.2 billion - 5 billion VND.
  • Four-bedroom apartment: 144m2- 148.8m2. Prices from 6 billion – 6.5 billion VND.

Perfect utilities at Park 11 Premium

Beside the utilities at Times City, such as international hospital Vinmec, inter-level school Vinschool and Vincom Mega Mall, Park 11 Park Hill Premium has for its own other 30 luxury utilities. These include an 80m outdoor swimming pool, a creative playground, a children’s pool, several smart sports courts with international standards, a rock garden, a chess garden, a flower garden, a walking garden, an art garden, a feeling garden, a green island, and a BBQ garden, which together create relaxation rivaling that of a five star resort.

bể bơi park 11 park hill

All the apartments are equipped with the cutting-edge Smart Home system, making them one of the first sets of apartments in Vietnam to embrace this technology. It is integrated with automatic features, controlled through smart phones and tablets, ensuring safety and energy saving with a light system, video doorbells, touch switches, Bluetooth sound systems, internet, wifi, CCTV, ceiling concealed air conditioning systems, and central hot water supplied to every household. Intelligent design is utilized to save energy by taking advantages of natural light and wind, making the apartment always bright and well-aired.

căn hộ smart homes park 11

The designs of the apartments give them a unique appearance, optimized for both space and function to provide a private place of luxury.

For more details, please contact us:

Dat Xanh Mien Bac Services & Real Estate Joint Stock Company

18th floor, Center Building, No. 1 Nguyen Huy Tuong street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

Hotline: 0946 80 91 91 - 0914 42 91 91

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