Park 11 Park Hill Premium

  • 39.00 milion VNĐ / m2
  • 458 Minh Khai, Q.Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội
  • VinGroup

Park Hill Premium has 30 utilities in the model of Resort lifestyle in the city, which are privately provided to its residents. Furthermore, Park Hill also inherits various modern and high-end utilities from Times City in phase I such as the qualified inter-level school system Vinschool, the International hospital Vinmec, a large musical fountain square and the commercial center Vincom Mega Mall…

Vinhomes Times City – Park Hill PREMIUM, which is an entirely new high-class apartment model of Vingroup, bring Singapore eco-architecture and  the resort lifestyle into the city.

General  Information Park Hill Premium:

  • Location: Times City Urban Area, 458 Minh Khai Str., Hanoi.
  • Total land area: 25,063m2.
  • Project includes 04 high-class buildings.
  • Percentage of area for landscape and plants: above 70%
  • Developing model:
  • Luxury apartments with Smart Home equipment
  • Shophouse
  • Super-market, commercial services
  • Number of floors: 34
  • Headroom: 2.65m
  • Elevators: 12 elevators and two emergency stairs.
  • Two modern basements and shop house system.
  • Number of bedrooms: 2 – 4 ones/apartment.
  • Apartment area: 68.1m2 – 148.8m2


What makes Park 11 – Park Hill Premium out-standing?

Advanced standard for future lifestyle

  • Private and premium living space.
  • Diversified landscape:  outdoor BBQ garden with green and modern decoration.
  • Swimming pool for children and 80 meters length outdoor swimming pool.
  • Paved pathway
  • Sport complex space smartly designed to international standards: basketball courts, badminton courts, outdoor sports areas, and a jogging track.
  • Quick parking area and convenient entrance to the underground parking.
  • Community house, lounge lobby and reception area.
  • Camera 24/7
  • Not only having luxury modern style, Park 11 Apartments are optimally designed, applying the advanced Smart home technology to pioneer a future lifestyle.
  • Integrated with automatic features as well as light and sound devices monitors through Bluetooth, smart phones and tablets.
  • Experience the diversity, luxury and personal characteristics of each owner through the multi-range sound system, which can be controlled flexibly.
  • Optimizing security with a doorbell system that can displays images, CCTV, fire alarm system and automatic smoke detector.
  • Smart apartments are designed to optimize energy use and maximize energy saving. 100% of the rooms in the apartments have open sides or light slots to access the natural beauty.

The advantages of Park 9 building – Park Hill Premium

  • Smart apartment building with diversified utilities and green landscape.
  • Unimpeded Northern view toward Vinschool, Vinmec hospital, Times City Water Music Square.
  • Two outsides are abutting to main traffic roads, which is convenient for driving.
  • 50% of apartments are at the corners.
  • Lowest living density: 16 apartments/floor
  • Convenient basement entrance and parking.

For more information, please contact:

Dat Xanh Mien Bac Services & Real estate JSC

Branch location: 458 Minh Khai St,, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi.

Hotline: 0932 269 987 – 0936 44 9292





park hill premium

Park 11 is located in Times City Park Hill Premium 458 Minh Khai St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi.

  • To the North is an eighty-meter long outdoor swimming pool, tree islands and paved pathway.
  • To the East is the central square of Park Hill phase 1 with a bustling space.
  • To the South is an open view, enhanced by the low utility buildings (the inter-level school Vinschool) of the project.
  • The western apartment of Park 11 has a stunning view of the elegant walking garden, which contains many naturally healthy herb plants.

Regional connection:


  1. VINSCHOOL – inter-level educating system invested in by Vingroup.
  2. VINMEC – the most advanced international hospital in Vietnam.
  3. Vincom Mega Mall Times City – the second location in the chain of the massive Southeast Asian underground mega malls.
  4. Vinpearl Aquarium – the first modern underground aquarium in Hanoi.
  5. VinKE – children’s educating entertainment.
  6. Platinum Cineplex – international standard cinema.
  7. Lake – great place to meet, walk and sightsee.
  8. Water music – highlight of Vinhomes Times City
  9. Outdoor sports complex designed in accordance with international standards:
  10. Mini soccer field, tennis court, basketball court and badminton court.
  11. Indoor four-season swimming pool.

      12. Community activities – some programs for Vinhomes Times City’s residents:

  • Sports day
  • Contest: Vinhomes and me
  • Contest: League of chess and Chinese chess
  • Welcoming Tet holiday and Spring
  • “Christmas night”
  • Mid-autumn festival for children
  • Children day
  • Free classes for swimming, painting and taichi practice

Community activities at Park 11

Community activities at Park 11

Sports activities

Sport activities


  • Customer service centre is always open 24/7.
  • Family services (5 stars standard) including: cleaning, laundry, and horticultural care.
  • Repair and maintenance.
  • Office services: copying, printing, flight booking, express delivery and flower booking.
  • Facilitating residents to lease their apartments and manage tenants on behalf of the owners.


  • Located at the ideal position between four Park Hill PREMIUM buildings, where fengshui will make your fortunes flow.  All directions bring beautiful views and visions.
  • Developed following the smart apartment model: smart home and smart living – a trendy lifestyle expressing owners’ characteristics.
  • Investor’s brand name: Vinhomes is among top 3 most valuable brands in Vietnam in 2015 and the most expensive real estate brand in Vietnam in 2015 (established by Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy).
  • Park Hill PREMIUM having an outstanding brand name with high quality apartments, good for living, investing or leasing.
  • Techcombank's lending policies are the most attractive in the market.


All apartments will be equipped completely with high-standard furniture, including:

  • Sanitary rooms, fully equipped.
  • Kitchens, fully equipped with facilities, including cabinets, an induction cooker, rangehood, and sink.
  • Wall cabinet
  • Wooden floor in bedrooms
  • Ceiling Air Conditioning System
  • Ceiling lights
  • Central hot water system
  • Doorbell system that can display images.
  • Main doors: industrial fireproof wooden doors.
  • Locks of main doors, integrating 3 features: fingerprint, key and code.

For more details, please contact us:

Dat Xanh Mien Bac Services and Real Estate ISC

Transaction office: 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

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